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IDIRUS offers organizations a mentor matching solution that optimizes what's already in house: talented individuals with the skills, knowledge and motivation to help one another.


Invite your people to propose themselves as mentors and mentees with specific skills and interests.


Allow and facilitate great matches between talented individuals from unique, diverse and expert backgrounds.


Understand, evaluate and measure the benefits to your people and your company.

IDIRUS is a purpose-built mentor matching solution, that's smart, straightforward and intuitive.

About Us.

Niamh Bushnell

Niamh Bushnell

CEO and CoFounder of IDIRUS, Niamh is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Talent Tech Labs in New York City and an angel investor at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator. She's also a mother and a mentor, a matchmaker and a transplant to the US from Ireland.

Tadej Basa

Tadej Basa LinkedIn profile

Tadej is the CTO and CoFounder of IDIRUS. A software engineer by profession, Tadej's expertise is in Web Development, Systems Administration and Drupal. He's also a father and a sailor and is very interested in all kinds of hackery from home automation to beer brewing.

Wondering about our company name? IDIR means "Between" in Gaelic so IDIRUS means...Between Us.

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