What our clients are saying:

Jean O' Sullivan

Enterprise Ireland (EI) is the trade and innovation agency of the Irish government with 30+ offices across the globe. IDIRUS powers a growing number of peer mentoring networks for EI.

"We launched in early 2014 and our clients are engaging well with each other and utilising the full functionality of the platform. Its success in my opinion is down to the simplicity of use. Furthermore I have found that IDIRUS' customer service is exceptional. They are very interested in giving advice and suggesting additional opportunities to enhance the group's experience. Post our pilot, we intend to open the platform to our start up client base of approximately 3000 clients."

– Jean O' Sullivan, Manager, Female Entrepreneurship

Gordon McConnell

Arizona State University is the largest university in the US by student population and one of the leading universities in the areas of venture support and entrepreneurial activity. IDIRUS supports mentor matching at five accelerator organizations on ASU's campus.

"The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group (EIG) at Arizona State University has a large (300+) mentor pool. We use the IDIRUS tool to matchmake our mentors to entrepreneurs and are happy to recommend IDIRUS to other universities who are looking for better ways to support the development and management of their own diverse mentor pools."

– Gordon McConnell, AVP, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Group (EIG)